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bringing to life the idea of making an event "a transformational piece of art "

Featuring Yoga classes by respected Masters,
Meditation & Mantras by Authentic Indian Brahmins,
Sustainability talks & workshops by Oceanic Global, Consejo de Visiones and many other local and worldwide known experts, Interactive technology, Artivism Exhibitions, Eco-Bazart, Kids areas, “Non-Profit” Beach Sports competitions & all kinds of Healing and Wellness experiences to awaken the spirit and dance barefoot under the Sun and the Moon.

Join us to create magic and enjoy the colors of Life.


Select a category from our tree

Sustainability & Consciousness

Collaborating with Oceanic Global, Consejo de Visiones, Makers Tulum and several other local honest foundations that work hard to bring awareness of the planet´s critical situation.

They will be presenting different talks, workshops, testimonies & documentaries including the presence of opinion leaders with the intent to inform about our main issues and problematics with the hope of give back our little grain of sand to Tulum.

All the event will be audited both for our production and operations in order to follow a proper sustainable practice.

Majority of proceeds will go to support the partnering foundations, local artist communities as well as to make sure we offer every time a better event experience to our guests and family.


Featuring a wide range of music in all genres, from Kirtan Music to Reggae, Live Bands, Drum circles, as well Top renowned Dj´s, indulging your ears to different sounds and frequencies to make our hearts dance under the Light of the Sun, from Sunrise to Sunset as well as a very special celebration of the first Full Moon of 2019 including a carefully curated selection of drummers and local musicians.

Enjoying a healthy and conscious way to celebrate life.

Conscious Performance

Supporting the local artistic communities and the implementation of theatre and Circus is within our core values for any event that we produce.

In this ocassion we will implement consciousness from costumes created with recycled local trash to theatre and drama pieces inspired in the current problematics to art, and circus classes for kids inspired in sustainable messages.

Holistic/ Wellness

Diving into a journey of Light, through Yoga classes from respected Masters, Meditations & Mantras with Brahmins from India, Cacao Ceremonies, Sound healings and all kinds of holistic and wellness activitites. To remember the importance of self balance, and find peace and stillness within us, together we breath to the sound of the ocean waves.

Beach Sports

Collective classes of Tai Chi, Capoeira, Martial Arts and other activities.

Be as well ready to compete like kids at our non-profit causes competitions including Stand Up Paddle, swimming races, Beach Voley and Tennis, and many other fun competitions where winners will be able to choose the collaborating cause to donate their rewards.

Arts & Culture

Supporting local contemporary artivism, artists that will present their conscious Art creations. Through interactive exhibitions, photography, recycled art sculptures & much more we will open our perception to see different perspectives of creativity and the message that lies behind every piece.

Eco Baz-Art

An amazing local market, with vendors of all kinds of magic elements, from local artisans, handmade clothing, vegan food and treats, crystals, ecological products and many more sustainable brands that promote fairtrades and protect the enviromental guidelines that make every purchase Eco-friendly.


Kids will have free access to the event and to the multiple activities and workshops that we will be offering for them including recycled art workshops, yoga classes, esctatic dances, movies, shows, & more.

This area will be handled incollaboration with the LADLE a.c., community , a local Foundation that offers afterschool programs for kids with vulnerable situations and that through art, wellness, and sutainaibility activities every gives them an opportunity to become active members of the society.